Despite a report that suggests a painted crosswalk would be the best option, Timmins city council is on the verge of passing a by-law to turn a key intersection into a three-way stop.

The Pine North-Fifth Avenue intersection has been a hot button topic for some time for residents at St. Mary’s Gardens. They’re looking for a safe way to cross without having to travel up the road and cross at the Algonquin traffic lights.

Council has a resolution on the table to put in stop signs at the north and south part of the intersection.

At the last council meeting, the city’s Manager of Engineering Pat Seguin suggested the painted crosswalk as part of a phased-in approach that would see them re-visit the issue after six months to see if more action is needed.

When asked about the stop signs, Seguin says the inclined hill near the intersection would cause issues, especially in the winter time.

At the moment, only one stop sign is at the intersection, which stops eastbound drivers on Fifth Avenue.

We will find out Tuesday if there will indeed be additional stop signs put in.

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