Ring of Fire map

The feds and the province are finally getting together on the Ring of Fire by each chipping in around $400,000 for a permanent roads study to and from the deposit.

The provincial and federal government are chipping in nearly $800,000 for a study to install permanent road to and from the chromite deposit. NDP MP Claude Gravelle is criticizing the move, saying the money should be spent on infrastructure instead. His colleague, MP Charlie Angus isn’t knocking his fellow MP’s idea but is glad there’s finally some movement on the deposit.

“We’ve lost so much potential from the lack of vision from the Harper and Wynne government. Let’s get this ball rolling.”

“If I was hearing actually money for infrastructure, that would be huge. I’m not going to knock another study but we need to stop sitting on our hands here.”

The Chromite deposit is said to be worth billions of dollars to the entire province.