The South Porcupine OPP have reopened highway 144 at the watershed after Northern Ontario’s third train derailment in three weeks.

About 10 tankers full of crude oil are still burning, with CN Rail attempting to control the fire and install 1,500 feet of track to divert train traffic.

With local drinking water deemed safe –  residents will be notified if anything changes, this after the cars started spilling crude oil into the Mattagami River System.

MP Charlie Angus says it’s laughable CN Rail says the water is drinkable.

“if those tankers cars went off the tracks closer to town, people could’ve been killed. I’m sorry but when you have tankers cars burning in a river near a fish habitat, you can’t tell me the water’s safe.”

CN says 38 cars in total came off the tracks, while two fell into the Mattagami River and will be removed later today.

The Gogama fire department is asking you to refrain from running taps for the purpose of their pipes not freezing in order to help the LSB sustain the level of water in their reservoir.

CN officials continue monitoring air quality – with no dangerous chemicals detected in the air at this time

CN Rail say to expect smoke plumes and smoke in the air but isn’t posing a threat to the public or the environment.