AngusTimmins-James Bay MP Charlie Angus is calling on the Department of Defence to work with the air cadet squadrons of the north to ensure that the gliding program is not axed.

With the closure of the gliding program in Thunder Bay, there are concerns that the gliding cadet centers in Iroquois Falls and North Bay may receive cuts. This could result in Northern Ontario cadets only having access to the glider program by travelling to Southern Ontario.

Charlie Angus has written the Minister asking for clarification and a commitment to keep the programs open in North Ontario.

“The Cadet program plays a huge role in building leadership opportunities for Canadian youth. If the program is at risk then solutions should be found that allow the cadet glider program to continue to effectively operate in Northern Ontario . 

Flexible solutions should be sought in order to ensure that the glider programs stay open and that Northern Ontario cadets maintain access to the same opportunities as those in the south.

The glider program engages young cadets. I can’t tell you how much it means to the cadets to have this goal to build towards, which is why I am asking for clarification from the Minister on potential cuts to the glider program in Northern Ontario.”