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DSB ONE is bent on improving graduation rates at it’s schools after getting an unfavorable grade.

The two-week old report is showing the provincial graduation rate average at around 83% but DSB ONE schools are hovering around the 66% mark, something school board chair Doug Shearer is committed to fixing right away.

“We have smaller schools and cannot offer all of the courses to the students in timely manner that means student have to stay longer.  We also have a number of student  who are identified as special needs and those students who graduate with a certificate are not counted by the province.”

Shearer also brought up how a person can received a decent wage in the forestry and mining sector without  a high school diploma but one of the major factors in the low graduation rates in student volunteer hours.

“They’re either not getting the proper amount of hours  or not recording them properly.”

Students are required to get at least 40 volunteers hours during their time in high school.