Lightfoot Red Jacket no microphone

Gordon Lightfoot put on a great show in Timmins last week, though it seems there was a bit of confusion with the ticket prices. Many purchased VIP tickets at the various retailers, and were told different opinions on what exactly “VIP” was.

I had a chance to talk with Donna Lauzon, who received a VIP ticket for an “VIP Fan Xperience”. Although all the ticket included was  coffee & cake before the show with an man playing acoustic guitar in the background, a poster, and a chance to win a meet and greet.

The price difference between general admission and the “VIP Xperience” was $95, and after the coffee & cake their seats were no different.

She feels there was a lack of communication between the promoter and the various people involved that lead to the misinformation and called the promoter to clarify.

This is not putting a negative stamp on a great event for the city as much as it is a criticism for next time. If people want more acts to come through Timmins, we should realize the flaws and improve on them for our future concerts.


Did you get the VIP Xperience tickets? Did you think it was worth all the extra money?


~ @DalyRy