A trip from the Andes mountains in Peru can be quite the culture shock.

10 Peruvian delegates took in what the City with a Heart of Gold has to offer and are taking in back with them and for most of them, it was the first time ever leaving their community.

President of Global & Indigenous Development Trust, Sonia Molodecky, says this is the second time they’ve done the trip.

“It’s about sharing best practices of sustainable resource development, alongside community economic development.  We felt there were great examples in Timmins of this.  Local businesses, colleges, and First Nation communities working together in the community to build sustainable development.”

The Peruvian delegates spent the day touring local businesses and mines, in particular touring the Hollinger Pit Project and a lengthy to visit to Northern College. President of Northern College and Chairman of the TEDC, Fred Gibbons says the college has been branching out like this for years now.

“We have a number of signature programs well received by industries around the world. We think we have great programs to offer them.”

“From a TEDC standpoint, we’re trying to provide local businesses with exporting opportunities to mining jurisdiction and this one is an emerging jurisdiction and we have very strong skillsets we can lend to broaden their economic base.”

Mayor Steve Black says it’s another feather in Timmins’ cap.

“Any time we have the chance to partner and teach other communities what were doing is a great opportunity to branch out and help develop their business models.  We have a lot to offer the mining world and any time we can share our knowledge, we’ll take that opportunity.”

“We’re always looking at growth opportunities and one of our main economic developments is to attract foreign investment.”

The two day tour of Timmins ended Tuesday evening with the delegation heading back first thing Monday morning.