Timmins Police Official-BadgeThe Timmins Police Service is in receipt of a significant number of complaints regarding ATV’s being driven on city streets.

The bulk of these complaints concern ATV’s being driven at high speeds on roads that lead to, or are adjacent to, the white water park area in South Porcupine.

These vehicles (ATV’s) are designed for off road use exclusively and, are not allowed for use on city streets.
The Timmins Police Service is issuing a strong warning to those ATV riders who persist in breaching the applicable sections of the Highway Traffic Act and the Off Road Vehicles Act.

A zero tolerance stance has been adopted by the Timmins Police Service and those persons found driving an ATV will be served with offence notices that are applicable to these situations.

The safety of the general public is a top priority with the Timmins Police Service.

As such, this public address should serve as sufficient warning that this type of driving behavior will not be tolerated.