Timmins_Police_Service_logo_updThe Timmins Police Service is issuing a public safety advisory in relation to a group of door to door salespersons who may be using unethical sales tactics in the Timmins area.

Staff at Timmins City Hall have been advised of occurrences where a door to door salesperson claims to be licensed with the City of Timmins and that their service is endorsed by the City of Timmins.

Neither of these claims are legitimate.

These salespersons may be in possession of City of Timmins letterhead and are using it without the city’s endorsement or permission.

This group is engaged in sales referring to water system quality and are alleged to have made false claims about being authorized to check on the homeowner’s water system.

They may also allege that the home owner must submit to this inspection. This is a complete falsehood.

The only company in actual and legitimate possession of a current permit to conduct such door to door sales are engaged in sales referring to home heating and cooling.

The public is reminded that no person or company representative can access your domicile without the express permission and consent of the home owner.

Also, any City employee would be in possession of a City-issued photo ID. Should you suspect false representation or encounter aggressive, threatening or menacing behavior from a door to door salesperson, please contact the Timmins Police Service.