• Today’s Viral Video is this UFC Ad done by guys from King Of The Hill & Ren And Stimpy:


  • Preacher is coming back for a second season! – DETAILS


  • There’s a petition asking Wal Mart to sell more ugly fruit…and well, people must really love ugly fruit – DETAILS


  • It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia is mixing with Game Of Thrones – DETAILS


  • Sum 41 are back with a new song & music video:


  • A movie theatre screened a very R Rated trailer before a bunch of kids watched Finding Dory – DETAILS


  • Apple has patented technology to stop the use of phones & cameras at concerts – DETAILS


  • See the first trailer BoJack Harseman’s third season:


  • And lastly, here’s the random song I was listening to while doing this & thought I would share:



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