• Today’s Viral Video is Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor taking a spill on stage (after already wearing a neck brace & recovering from a spinal injury…Guy could have seriously gotten hurt):


  • Floyd Mayweather is trying to write off a $20,000 night at a Strip Club on his taxes – DETAILS


  • Former Guns N’ Roses Members Matt Sorum & Izzy Stradlin are recording together – DETAILS


  • Watch Tom Hanks in the trailer for “Sulley” (True story of the pilot landing his plane in the Hudson River):



  • Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is getting a star on the Walk Of Fame!



  • Get a first look at Pennywise The Clown in the “It” remake – HERE


  • Weezer gets very patriotic on their new song:



  • Netflix is being sued over price increases – DETAILS


  • It’s James Franco VS Bryan Cranston in the trailer for “Why Him?”:



  • Samuuel L. Jackson says Mace Windu did not die in Star Wars – DETAILS


  • And lastly, here’s the random song I was listening to & thought I would share:


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