This is SO COOL…if it ever makes its way up here.
“The Warriors” is being turned into a TV show by the Russo brothers,
(the guys who did “Captain America: The Winter Soldier”
and “Civil War”.)
I said “if it ever makes its way up here” because the show will
be airing on Hulu.


This…also cool if true.
Colin Farrell might be in “The Justice League”.
According to a tweet by a Russian insider
account called “Cut The Crap TV”,
Farrell has signed on for a mystery role with the film.
May not be that far off because Farrell was rumoured to be
Joining the cast back in November but nothing else came of it.
“The Justice League” is in production in London.

And finally, in an interesting move,
Pablo Escobar’s brother Roberto has submitted a formal request to Netflix
asking that he review season two of “Narcos” before they release it.
Roberto claims that nobody else can determine how true-to-life
the story Netflix is telling but him.
Season two of “Narcos” will be out in September.

Last week when Guns N’ Roses played in Kansas City,
a fan held up a sign saying “Marry Me Axl. P.S. I’m 18”.
It caught his attention,
he laughed about it during the show but later on,
the fan was given a bracelet to go backstage.
Unfortunately, she never got the chance to meet the guys
But it’s a pretty cool story!
To read the who entry, go here.

THIS looks really good.
Netflix made a documentary based off a GQ articled of the same name
called “Last Chance U” which looks at student athletes
who are literally given a last chance at a collegiate/pro career and education.
It will be made available on July 29th.

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