In something that really shouldn’t be that shocking, Greg Gutfield from Fox News is being a loudmouth.


The pundit from Fox News, reported on the video of Koko the Gorilla playing the bass with Flea hanging out in the background.


He starts the segment named “Greg’s Musical News” with a photoshop of him playing the saxophone…by pointing out that he hates saxophones.


So you can tell he’s… just such a nice person.


Then he goes on to say that Koko playing the bass is a vast improvement over the Red Hot Chili Peppers. “The worst band on the planet.”


And he ends it by calling them them a “Poor man’s Faith No More”



But don’t worry!


He addressed the crticisms in a segment called “Greg’s Apology”


Oh wait it wasn’t an apology at all.



He called them the worst band in the Universe, and said it’s because Faith No More is a better band and you can’t like both.


This just in… apparently you can’t like two bands at the same time.





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