The Timmins Police Service has received complaints from concerned citizens regarding property damage as a result of off-road vehicles being driven in restricted areas.

One particular area of concern is the White Waterfront Conservation Area in South Porcupine. Reports indicate that All-Terrain Vehicles have been driven through the park, and damaged property including recently planted trees.

Residents who enjoy recreational activities such as using off-road vehicles are reminded that they must do so responsibly. Operating a motorized vehicle in a park is contrary to section 12 of the City of Timmins by-law, which states “no person shall operate a motorized vehicle on or over any municipal park, vacant lands, or any sidewalk or pedestrian walkway owned by the City.” Additionally, the public is reminded that off-road vehicles are not permitted on any highway, roadway, or laneway pursuant to the Off-Road Vehicle’s Act.

Riders who contravene these laws could face charges and fines. Please keep in mind these regulations exist in order to keep the City’s parks and leisure areas beautiful for everyone to enjoy, as well as keeping the City streets safe.

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