For the sake of transparency, city council received a hefty presentation Tuesday in regards to the Stars and Thunder Festival, and all the work being put into it.

The report details previous meetings and what action items are upcoming.

After an hour-long discussion, it seems the picture is much clearer but barely any decisions were made at all.

One big part of the presentation showed the proposed ticket prices. They say after consulting with Ticketmaster and other Ontario festivals, installing an early bird date is a strategy worth considering.

There was also much talk about single day VIP tickets. That is detailed in the report, which you can see HERE.

Ticket launch is planned for November 17th, just over a week after the music lineup is expected to be released (November 8th).

As for next steps, the city has an RFP out for food vendors and will look into things such as assessing an appropriate beverage service, continuing work on getting grants and analyze options in regards to 50/50 ticket sales.

CLICK HERE for the full discussion, under Item 4L.

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