• Metallica need their fans help for their next reissue – DETAILS


  • Tom Petty has offically been laid to rest – DETAILS


  • Henry Rollins is part of a new start up focusing on Vinyl and talks about how much of a vinyl nerd he is – DETAILS


  • A Perfect Circle have released a brand new song, “The Doomed”


  • This Fox News host really goes off on Radiohead:


  • Marilyn Manson is back to feuding with Justin Bieber – DETAILS


  • Killswitch Engage and Anthrax are hitting the road together again – DETAILS


  • Apocalyptica have released a cover of Metallica’s “Sad But True”:


  • MGMT have released a new song, “Little Dark Age”:



  • The Creepshow have released a new music video for “Death At My Door”



  • Frank Turner has announced a new album of rarities – DETAILS


  • And lastly, here’s the random song I was listening to & thought I would share:


~ Daly



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