Last week, it was revealed that Timmins is submitting a bid for Noront’s Ferrochrome Production Facility.

On Monday, officials with the Timmins Economic Development Corporation, the Timmins Chamber of Commerce and the city gathered together to discuss the logistics of their submission.

And preliminary discussions have already begun with Glencore to re-purpose the Kidd metallurgical site.

TEDC Chair Fred Gibbons says the timing is “phenomenal” in what would otherwise be a bad news story when it comes to the impending closure of Kidd Operations in 2021.

He adds they’ve worked with Ontario Northland for a number of years and they would be a key partner in hauling ore from the Ring of Fire region.

“(They’d be) able to transport raw materials both into the city—the raw materials from the mine site as well as the processing materials—and to move the product out of the city as well,” he said.

Gibbons adds it’s an important opportunity to revitalize the rail line.

With over 100 years in mining expertise, Timmins Chamber President Jamie Clarke says we are well equipped and ready to take this on.

“A project of this magnitude will greatly benefit Timmins’ economy,” he said, “Creating new jobs, increasing municipal tax revenue and helping to offset some of the economic challenges our community will be facing in the coming years.”

TEDC Executive Director Christy Marinig says they have lots of information in-house that will be useful—labour force, the airport, amenities, recreational facilities, housing—and they plan to work with agencies and experts on site to gather more for the proposal.

She adds a big thing will also be letters of support, something they’ll be working with the Chamber to do.

“To showcase why Timmins wants this site and to demonstrate willingness because that’s a key component for hosting the site is a community’s willingness,” Marinig said, adding they want hundreds of letters from business leaders and residents alike.

Overall, the feeling is positive around the table that Timmins will put forth a strong bid.

And they are fully focused on doing it right, despite the tight deadlines.

Submissions are due to Noront in early February.

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