A rather sticky situation at city council concerning a resident and a home built on Kamiskotia Road without a permit in 2012.

This was previously at council back on December 12th as a zoning amendment and councillors didn’t take too kindly to a building being constructed without the permit.

A report back in December recommended that council decline the amendment, which would have required the building be torn down or re-sized to be compliant with municipal requirements.

CLICK HERE for the December discussion, under Item 4B.

Shayne Giguere submitted a letter to council and appeared last Tuesday.

In the letter, he apologized to city officials and in the lengthy letter, told his side of the story.

It reveals that Giguere had to take matters into his own hands after losing $30-thousand dollars because of a crooked contractor.

He says he hired a city inspector to draw up house plans and once finalized, asked for a building permit ASAP as the winter months were approaching and the Giguere’s had sold their previous home.

CLICK HERE to read the full letter.

However, it was also determined that Giguere had not been paying municipal taxes or permit fees on these structures.

Councillor Joe Campbell says he wouldn’t want to have the structures torn down but penalties are needed as a deterrent from a similar situation happening again.

Council will come back to vote on penalties for Giguere at a later date. They would include coming to an agreement to pay back taxes, as well as fees and penalties.

CLICK HERE for the discussion at last Tuesday’s meeting, under Item 4.

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