The Porcupine Health Unit is reminding employers and employees that it is illegal to smoke or hold lighted tobacco in the workplace, this includes work vehicles. The ban on smoking in an enclosed workplace is in effect at all times, even during off-hours when people are not working.

“The Smoke Free Ontario Act (SFOA) has been in force since 2006,” says Tanya Musgrave. She adds that “one of the purposes of the Regulation is to protect employers and employees from exposure to second-hand smoke.

“There has been an increase in the number of people smoking in work vehicles, increasing the need to educate employers and employees that smoking is prohibited in enclosed workplaces”.

Under the SFOA, penalties can range from $250 to a maximum fine of $10,000. Musgrave notes that “an employer is responsible for ensuring compliance within the workplace. Posting no smoking signs at all entrances, exits and in work vehicles will increase awareness”.

Musgrave encourages employers to contact the Porcupine Health Unit for required signage.

For more information, CLICK HERE for the PHU website.

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