The Timmins Taxpayers Association is officially throwing their support in for Timmins’ bid for Noront’s Ferrochrome production facility.

Director Jack Dugas writes on social media that Timmins is “unquestionably the perfect location,” adding we have the existing staff and workforce to be ready to tackle this project.

Meanwhile, a major Northern centre is set to lend their supoprt this week.

According to the North Bay Nugget, North Bay city council is expected to offer their support for Timmins.

The article states North Bay would benefit, due to the proposed involvement with the ONTC.

Officials are expected to make a pitch to Noront at the end of the month. The deadline to submit is February 2nd.

That means not much time left to submit your support for the #BringTheRingToTimmins campaign.

CLICK HERE for the form, it only take a couple minutes to fill out.

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