Alex Lifeson confirmed in an interview to the Globe and Mail that Rush as a band are “basically done”

Rumors started when drummer Neil Peart had to stop playing for health reasons in 2015 shortly after celebrating 40 years of playing together. Shortly after Neil had to retire.

You can’t say it hasn’t been a good run.

The prog rock band band formed in Toronto about 1968 with original member John Rutsey on drums before being placed with now iconic band member Neil Peart in 1974.

Since then, they have put out 20 studio albums, and have evolved their sound from keyboards, to guitar, and beyond.

They were inducted into the Canadian Music Hall Of Fame in 1994, and The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2013.

The band has toured the world with their unique sound, but Canadians have always claimed them as their own. This was even more aparent with their foray into Canadian Culture with Geddy Lee singing with Bob and Doug Mackenzie in “Take Off to the Great White North”

Who can’t forget their appearances in Trailer Park Boys?

We could argue all day on what their best song is, but it’s hard to argue that Tom Sawyer isn’t their most recognizable…

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