• Nirvana covered in 20 different styles:



  • Bob Seger is giving away a previously unreleased song – DETAILS


  • Zakk Wylde getting interviewed by a little punk rocker is pretty adorable:


  • Gene Simmons is telling rockstars to say no to drugs – DETAILS


  • Lynyrd Skynyrd is extending their farewell tour – DETAILS


  • Greta Van Fleet will play Elton John’s Oscar viewing party – DETAILS


  • Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine made it pretty clear what he wants for a Big 4 reunion – DETAILS


  • Tom Delonge has released a new fiction book – DETAILS


  • Internet genius, DJ Cummerbund, mashed up Marlyn Manson with Shania Twain:


  • Billy Corgan says Smashing Pumpkins are working with Rick Rubin – DETAILS


  • And lastly, here’s the random song I was listening to & thought I would share:


~ Daly



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