The C.M. Shields Centennial Library is pleased to offer a seed lending program!


What is the Seed Library?

Like traditional library services, a Seed Library provides access to a resource. The Seed Library is a collection of seeds which patrons can “borrow” with the goal of contributing to learning, experimentation, and community. As users learn about seed saving, they return the seeds from their crops for others to use. The Seed Library offers a variety of vegetables, flowers and herbs that are well suited for our Northern Ontario climate.


Where can I learn more?

The premise behind the Seed Library is not only to share seeds but also to share knowledge. The Library offers a wide variety of books on gardening. Furthermore, workshops on seed starting and seed saving have proven to be popular with the local community. The C.M. Shields Library is planning to host more events related to the Seed Library including:


  • April 18 at 6:30 p.m. – Gardening Footprints with the Cochrane District Master Gardeners – This presentation will include information on: seed saving, buying local, the seed library, reusing rain water, composting, growing legumes, soil tilling and hand tools.
  • May and June – Gardening related makerspaces
  • June 16-23 – Gardening Art Exhibit during Garden Days


Where is the Seed Library located?

The Seed Library is stored in a previously unused card catalog located at the C.M. Shields Centennial Library, at 99 Bloor Avenue in South Porcupine. 


How can I take part in the Seed Library?

Residents who have a library card in good standing can register to become members of the Seed Library.  Drop into the C.M. Shields branch to pick up your free seeds today.