Every day this week we are featuring platform highlights from the Ward Councillor candidates in the upcoming election. Our stations have reached out to each Councillor candidate to outline their platform for listeners. This is Ward 2 Councillor candidate Mickey Auger’s submitted platform.

 I Mickey Auger for ward 2 would push for more infrastructure in the East end. 

We also have to keep taxes low for Seniors so they can stay in there homes.  We also have push for better education and job training so our young people can stay in the North. 

I would also push the city buses to come up on Connaught HILL instead of seniors walking down town to do some shopping winters are cold and bears are out in spring and fall.  

This is not about Mickey Auger its about the people in my community who mean a lot to me.  I’m the guy that can get things done in order to make better for everyone.

So I ask the people to vote for Mickey Auger this election.

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