Every day this week we are featuring platform highlights from the Ward Councillor candidates in the upcoming election. Our stations have reached out to each Councillor candidate to outline their platform for listeners. This is Ward 3 Councillor candidate Carter Lucyk’s submitted platform.

These are some of the issues seen by many Ward 3 residents. It’s been too long that we were ignored. Some pertain to the many issues within the City of Timmins and others in our area. Regardless we need help to voice our concerns and hope to start change sooner than later. Let’s work together and win together.


Better policing.

Regular patrolling. Speeders. Motorists failing to stop at stop signs. Pressure on drug sellers. Surveillance cameras could be setup in a few of the critical areas. Should overtime be better used to hire more recruits and reduce costs? Our population is steadily decreasing since late 90’s, our police force increases and crime is rising.

Better garbage pick-up.

Omit bags and mandate containers with lids. Self-loader areas are supplied with containers. Why can the city not provide containers for non-auto load areas? City employees constantly picking up from torn damaged bags. Attracts stray animals, cats, dogs, bears and birds. Wind spreads debris all over town leaving a lingering mess that never gets picked up and spreads on homeowner’s properties.


Speed limit reduced and extended.

The entrance to Schumacher from Rae Hill, lowered to 60 kms from 70 kms. At the current 70 kms, its common practice to be 15 kms over with little or no risk of traffic infraction. This would reduce accidents at the exit from Porcupine Ski Runners and the exit and entry from Boundary Lane. The higher speed causes huge damage issues with homes along the highway with constant salt mist.

Heavy traffic through town.

The ONR Bus, Ontario Hydro, Union Gas, Purolator, Northern Telephone and other large trucks constantly travel through residential streets instead of following highway routes. The no heavy traffic signs are not enforced at all.


Stop signs added.

The intersection at Aura and Father Costello Drive and at Vipond and Dwyer are very dangerous for pedestrians and traffic. Numerous accidents have occurred here. Several locations throughout the city has had tremendous success in controlling traffic and reducing accidents with simply adding a four way stop to dangerous intersections. The added stop signs not only reduces traffic issues but helps to assist pedestrians with safer crossing of dangerous, deadly intersections. A few more throughout the City of Timmins would be welcomed with many a warm arm.


Trim sidewalk areas.

Overgrown brush on residential and commercial properties need to be trimmed.  Also, the issue of garbage debris and dog and cat feces on sidewalks needs to be addressed.


Youth groups.

We need assistance from city, schools and churches to start up youth groups similar to Boy Scouts, Brownies, TYRO. Camps and game days could be implemented. Several teachers and citizens have offered possible assistance to help get youth and community more involved.


Homeless assistance.

Labour positions in the city could be sponsored from local contractors and possibly the city. Employment could be created in arenas as watchmen/women, positions at mines, airports, janitors for city, etc.


Road maintenance.

Cracks and pot holes need to be filled with better products that don’t wash out as quickly as they are filled. There must be better procedures to pack other than just tapping cold patch with the back of a shovel. Line painting and quality of paint should meet a minimal provincial standard. The possibility of reflectors installed in painted line area would increase visibility for added safety. Remove bumps and dips by Shave and Pave for a reconditioning process. Plow both sides of sidewalks to assist juniors and seniors during winter months. The equipment used now is far superior and would greatly add safety for pedestrians and first responders. The city can plow and sand laneways in Timmins, so the few extra feet in Schumacher should be easily done.


Regenerate McIntyre Park.

Fill in the mined section of Aura Lake allowing future development for an amphi theatre or recreational sports. Bring back fields for baseball, soccer, cricket and cultural activities. We have a growing population from around the world and nowhere for anyone to establish multi-cultural activities.


Elderly transit assistance.

Transit should offer a biweekly or monthly pass to town allowing retired seniors the right to shop, visit and move around. Open an area for seniors to meet for coffee, tea and basic conversation. Seniors walked and shopped quite often before when our streets were safer and in walkable condition.


Abandoned derelict homes torn down.

Boarded abandoned homes need to be brought back up to building standards and into a healthy, safe condition. Current derelict buildings attract vandalism, drug users and juniors that are fire prone and the possibility of a dangerous collapse in certain areas. The other misfortune is who wants to buy a home beside buildings that are boarded up?  The appeal is not there. Property values in the immediate area is drastically reduced, but taxes remain the same. A newer building development could take place to remove abandoned buildings and replace them with new condominium style homes or apartments. The Father Costello corridor could have modern style town houses similar to units along major city highways with gardens and trees to add desire and pride. I visited the first new home on Lions Crest, Schumacher that belongs to Jason and Mireille McMaster. They tossed the idea of location around and thought staying in their home town fit the bill of goods. Well they have a gorgeous home with a spectacular view of the Macintyre 11 Shaft, the Macintyre Arena and the water front. Congratulations on a dream come true. Many would be envious.


Budgets challenged.

Budget increase approvals need to be based on needs not creative accounting. It’s a game practiced by many. Ask for more and if you get it great, figure out how to spend it. The end result is unnecessary hiring and major expenses like unused vehicles or vehicles that go to people that do not require them. There are a number of city vehicles that sit not being utilized. What do other municipalities do? Our city employees are increasing with reduced populations and our city vehicles have exponentially increased over the years. Large heavy equipment sits while we hire contractors to perform many functions. There is a high volume of high salaried employees. Do we really need all the managers, superintendents, assistants etc.?  We have a city of just over 40,000 people. It seems that we have more blunt points than sharp points. Sharp points are the revenue generators, physical workers. The blunt points are nonphysical workers.


Timmins traffic flow.

Traffic could possibly flow better and much safer with dual left turns from both directions at Theriault and Ross, Theriault and Algonquin, Mountjoy and Algonquin. Dangerous running of red lights needs to be addressed based on steadily increasing accidents. If roads were maintained better, the slower vehicles might travel in the right lane instead of the left lanes. The right side is so rough no one wants to drive on it. This generates frustration and aggressive driving. Our roads need more attention during winter, to be proactive with sanding or salting. Rae Hill is a prime area that needs attention. Year after year we have horrendous costs to have police, fire and ambulance attend accident scenes, now add in the human injury or loss of life. 


Bus service.

Sunday buses shut down at 6:30 p.m. Grocery stores and other shops stay open till 8:00 p.m.  It’s obvious we need to provide a better service to workers that don’t own or don’t wish to own vehicles.  Are the riders not valued customers that we need to pay more attention to? At our current schedules we do not and likely don’t need 24 hour coverage, but reasonable coverage should be provided.


Involve Secondary Schools to participate with youth and seniors.

By students assisting with community events, their time could be applied to community credits required for graduation. They could volunteer with Food Banks, special events, school yard duty, bowling events and so many more options.


Skills programs for juniors to be hosted by community mentors.

Hunting, fishing, soccer, baseball, curling, volleyball etc. could be mentored by community members.


Ball parks in the city.

The lights that stay on for long periods of absenteeism should have timers or switches that can be turned off. If not reactivated it stays on reduced power or off. This applies to tennis courts and rinks in winter.


Business incentives for East sides…Schumacher and Porcupine.

Offer a tax reduction for start-up period. This would possibly help with store front modernization or lower first few months’ taxes when available cash is used to stock inventory or hire workers.


Walking trails in Timmins are manicured and smooth.

The trails in Schumacher are narrow, rough and difficult to walk. Joint cooperation between city, contractors and social groups could provide materials to volunteer non-profit groups to repair the trails. I’m positive that the Ross Stringer memorial trail could be brought into a desirable trail for walkers and bikers.


Outdoor rinks in Schumacher need more maintenance.

Years ago we had ball parks and parks that shared cultural gatherings and picnics. We had tennis courts located across from the Mac, can they be brought back or regenerated at the ball park on Vipond Road?


More public use of arena.

Open skating, curling, roller skating up periodically to all elementary age groups. This could help deter some of the nothing to do here syndrome. It might generate interest to increase paid users when they can afford skills learnt earlier in life, instead of the path of crime.


Do we need a 40 million pool???

I am not in favour, nor most of the constituents, of spending millions for a water complex, unless its funding is largely supported externally from grants or corporate sponsorship. All this would be a wishful dream and something that would add value to all of Timmins at a more affordable time, or possibly segmented over several years.


Do we need millions on consultants?

The constant addressing of hiring consultants has most citizens wondering if we have competent persons in the engineering fields.  If so we do not require as many consultants doing the work of our engineers that advise needs, costs and requirements to operate and execute special projects.  If it’s always sent out for consultation and that guarantees nothing, other than opinions usually and who should be used to guarantee costs and outcome. One very good example is the water treatment plant on Porcupine Lake. Did consultants guarantee Mr. Richards and other residents they would not see the nightmare sewage waterfront property? Another prime example is using consultants to verify if stop lights should be replaced with stop signs. I think the city could do more, for less costs, by using some common sense and from departments that should be making quicker and more cost effective decisions.

Quarterly or bi annual community meetings to hear public concern.

The Councillor of Ward 3, along with others invited should participate with a town hall meeting agenda. This allows the public to be more informed about what the councillor is trying to improve, reasons why and how it’s being received. This would be a great time to let everyone know important issues and activities that are scheduled.


On elementary school levels.

I think it would be nice if occasional blending of school assemblies could be arranged to help remove prejudice. French against English. Separate against public, etc. The school yards are empty most of the time after school because they don’t know each other but live in the same community. The onset of digital entertainment has greatly reduced outdoor activities and old fashion fun from children being children and playing together.


Noise and dust issues.

Mining is great, but issues like noise and dust were to be low level with 90 foot berms. This is not the case largely due to the operations on going at the top of berm. Is it not possible to have haul vehicles at the bottom of the berm instead of top? The high berm is only to save hauling or piling waste rock or overburden instead of hauling it miles away at substantial costs to the mine.


McIntyre arena.

The Mac is a historical building that has had many athletes begin professional careers. It has the largest parking lot of any arena we have in the city. Is it possible to revisit arena expansion that could make it larger and that gives a multi facet purpose such as multiple arenas, curling, gym, indoor track for walking, running, bicycle etc.? Would a retractable roof concept be possible with a major expansion that increases ice surfaces and possibly quantity of ice rinks? Would an expansion to double or triple seating capacity open up venues and revenues to provide payback for the city.

Fix Boundary Lane.

This roadway is quite narrow and a real danger for traffic both ways. Its narrowness makes it very dangerous in winter with two way traffic that meets and realizes it’s too narrow to drive by each other. Two of the options available are to either widen it or make it a one way street.


Some form of recognition for military, police, fire department, first responders.

There appears to be widening gaps of respect between our police, first responders and military. Public awareness might help raise respect with small gestures like a competition in the park, a Tug of War or games of challenge, horse shoes, anything that shows the community a working together, win together spirit.. Possibly an Honor Wall casting of the groups combined.


These are some of the issues seen by many Ward 3 residents. It’s been too long that we were ignored. Some pertain to the many issues within the City of Timmins and others in our area. Regardless we need help to voice our concerns and hope to start change sooner than later. Let’s work together and win together.