Every day this week we are featuring platform highlights from the Ward Councillor candidates in the upcoming election. Our stations have reached out to each Councillor candidate to outline their platform for listeners. This is Ward 3 Councillor candidate Donna Dorrington’s submitted platform.

Meet Donna Dorrington
Donna is running for city council for Ward 3 for three reasons: to invest in the future by creating a community plan with a focus on safety, economic viability and arts and culture, to promote quality of life, and to stand for the values of the neighbourhood. Her main priorities are to advocate for more police presence, beautify the area and to develop a strategic abandoned properties strategy leading to economic development.
She lives in Ward 3 with her husband and four of their children. The fifth recently graduated from university and works here as a social worker.
Donna is  a lawyer who runs her own business, Dorrington and Associates Professional Corporation. She also holds an Honours Degree in Political Science. As a business owner and with this political knowledge she understands that a city cannot be ran like a business as some others would suggest.
Today, Donna is the treasurer of Timmins BIA and is a board member of the Timmins Chamber of Commerce. She previously sat on many other boards.
She wholeheartedly believes that this election is about the future of our city and the need to keep our neighbourhoods moving forward.
To learn more about her and her platform go to Elect Donna Dorrington in Ward 3 on Facebook

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