The statistics have been tabulated for the Timmins Police Service and its participation in Operation Impact 2018, a national public awareness campaign aimed at making Canada’s roads the safest in the world.

All enforcement agencies across the country were invited to participate with a goal to increase public compliance with safe driving measures in order to save lives and reduce injuries on Canadian roads.

The enhanced enforcement and public awareness campaign ran from October 5th to October 8th with special attention being paid to aggressive driving behaviors.

A total of 39 traffic stops were conducted by Timmins Police officers with a total of 20 drivers being charged for various offences under the Highway Traffic Act.

Nine speeding charges and nine moving violation charges were laid stemming from observations made by Timmins Police Service officers conducting traffic patrols during the campaign.

One driver was observed using a hand held communications device and one other was charged with Careless Driving stemming from bad choices while behind the wheel.

To the positive, no Impaired Operation charges were laid and no driver’s licence suspensions were issued (based on breath samples) by the Timmins Police Service.

Timmins Police Service Traffic Sergeant Tom Chypyha is quoted as saying “All in all, these statistics are positive but still point out that there is a small but persistent segment of the driving population that continue to fail to take driving responsibilities seriously. Traffic safety continues to be in need of monitoring in order to address aggressive driving behaviors exhibited by a those drivers who make poor decisions at the wheel”.

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