Every day this week we are featuring platform highlights from the Ward Councillor candidates in the upcoming election. Our stations have reached out to each Councillor candidate to outline their platform for listeners. This is Ward 5 Councillor candidate Jean Roy’s submitted platform.

I was born, and raised bilingual in Timmins. 

I graduated from Ryerson Polytechnical Institute 1971 in Architecture.

I operated a general contracting business for 25 years doing residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional contracts.

I taught Architectural drafting, and construction theory at Northern College.

I freelanced as a field engineer for Ellis-Don Construction for the construction of Therieault High School, Whitney Public School, and Timmins and District Hospital.

I have excellent training and experience in cost analysis, estimating, and budgeting for all kinds of projects.

I operated a leasing, and mortgage company.

I operated an automotive detailing and rustproofing business.

I was a business advisor to Pelangio Larder Mines, initiating the revival of the Detour Lake Gold Mine.

I was a business advisor to Richfield Ventures Inc. which discovered the Blackwater gold deposit in British Columbia.

I know how challenging raising a family is, being a single parent (full custody) of my children from ages 4 and 2. That’s when you really learn to budget, not only money, but your time.

I have a broad knowledge in areas where budgeting is critical to economic priorities. 

I was successful in some ventures and not in others. 

Both taught me the importance of budgeting and accountability. 



Infrastructure, infrastructure, infrastructure.

Roads are only as good as their base.  Prioritize – reconstruction, shave and pave, and temporary repair.

Industry will move in because of good solid infrastructure, not because of a nice pool complex.

The Porcupine/East End lift station fiasco needs immediate attention (legal action takes years).

Two year moratorium on new hires and capital expenditures, unless in case of emergencies.

Full disclosure of present day finances, inclusive of internal account transfers to cover overages in unrelated accounts. Bring the skeletons out of the closet.

Bring back the Committee system, with at least one councillor involved in departmental management oversight.

Review purchasing policies of All departments.

Refuse the request from departmental managers to solely approve purchases up to $500,000.00 without council approval.

To reduce property taxes, DEMAND a 2% reduction in all department expenses – whatever it takes (except fire and policing).

Review contracting out services, including infrastructure repairs.

Pursue Noront Smelter more aggressively.

Review City land use, ie: opening up waterfront lots to expand tax base, reconsider farmland 5-acre severances, for other than single family dwellings.

Get rid of the buddy system, and the RFP tendering systems. (Have you ever questioned why Miller Paving is the low tender on the connecting link, but Interpaving is doing a lot of the work when in fact they were higher bid by several hundreds of thousands of dollars).

Level the playing field so more contractors are willing to bid for City work.

Tackle inefficiencies at all levels.

Pass a motion to disallow hiring of employees’ family members.

And much more.


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