The Municipal Election here in Timmins may have ended on Monday, but the votes are still being counted.

Two candidates for City Councillor in Ward 5 had such a close call with their votes that a recount is needed. Andrew Marks currently holds the 4th spot for Ward 5 Councillor with 2637 votes. But Cory Robin is not far behind, with 2635 votes. Those two votes are making all the difference and it’s a close enough call to warrant a recount.

The City of Timmins released a statement on Wednesday saying a recount would take place at City Hall in Council Chambers on Wednesday, Oct. 30th, at 10AM. Once the recount is complete, the city will release the official election results.

This spot is the final Councillor spot for the city’s largest ward, Ward 5. The other Ward 5 Councillors are Kristin Murray, Michelle Boileau and Noella Rinaldo.

Other newly elected officials from Monday night’s election are Ward 1 Councillor, Rock Whissell, Ward 2 Councillor, Mickey Auger, and Ward 4 Councillor John Curly.

George Pirie is the newly elected Mayor of Timmins.

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