They represent the largest number of women ever to be elected to City Council in Timmins, and on Wednesday, Councillors Michelle Boileau, Noella Rinaldo and Kristin Murray took part in a panel for Women in Politics, hosted by the Timmins Chamber.

The three newly elected City Councillors addressed a crowd of men and women at the Social Venue on Wednesday, discussing leadership in the community, the election process, and things they want to accomplish in the city.

Female representation in City Council was a significant topic, especially since these three women represent the largest number of women to serve on council. Councillor Rinaldo says she has served longer than all other women in council in the past put together. She said it should be considered normal for people to see women serving on their city council.

“The more and more we’re seen being out there,” Rinaldo said, “the more and more it makes it seem […] that it’s just a normal aspect of it. Not something unusual.”

Councillor Murray is hopeful that young women and girls will see the representation of women on council and be encouraged to take action when they otherwise would have sat back.

“I think it encourages women to get involved,” Murray said. “Shortly after I was elected, I had a lot of people say “I should have ran! You know, I thought about it and I didn’t.” So really letting them know that this could be for me if I take that leap.”

The Councillors joked that they weren’t sure any men would show up to the event for Women in Politics.

“We joked about it, whether or not men were allowed,” said Boileau, “Honestly, I wasn’t expecting to see men. And I was really happy to see that there were so many men that were interested in hearing what we have to say too.”

There has never been more than one woman elected to Council at a time, making this representation of three women significant for Timmins.

“It’s too bad that it’s such a big deal,” said Boileau, “because it really should just be normal.”


Councillor Murray hopes to see more women on the ballot in the next term.

“I think that, although I’m very happy and pleased to be working with these ladies,” Murray said, “there could have been more. So maybe next term we’ll see a lot more.”

The Councillors are hoping to lead by example in encouraging young women to look at politics as a career option.

“It was nice that we were able to engage a whole other group of youth,” said Boileau, “Women that see themselves as politicians.”

Councillor Murray has two daughters that she’s hoping will learn from her example.

“Having two young daughters, for me, it means so much. Teaching them to persevere and never give up and really stick to things and let them know, like, “hey you, you are capable of doing anything.””

The Council women have some plans already in motion to better the city. They will be focusing some of their attention on an Indigenous grant to allow their teachings to be shared in the community, educational opportunities to attract and retain youths, and improving recreational facilities in Timmins.

The first city council meeting of the new year is on January 8th.




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