*  Generally, snow depth and water content conditions for this time of year are above normal.  Water content variances are 134.6% to 182.9% above normal through the entire Upper Mattagami Watershed.


*  Current forecasts show scattered flurries over the coming week with daytime temperatures ranging from -3oC to -15oC over the next 5 to 7 days with no major weather systems expected.


*  Winter drawdown of Mesomikenda, Mattagami Lake, and Peter Long are ongoing. The dams are currently set up to continue drawdown until refilling begins in April.  Higher than normal to normal inflows have persisted through the winter.  Wawaitin will be passing inflows until March 15th.


*   Local area creeks, particularly Town Creek and Crawford Creek, have experienced an usually large amount of ice and snow buildup this winter.  The enclosed portions of Town Creek and Crawford Creek are being closely watched by Authority and Municipal staff.


*  The Authority’s Flood Forecast and Warning Manual is currently being updated and will be distributed to watershed stakeholders within the next two weeks. 


*   The next Update will be issued on or about March 18.

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