Ms. Lynn Gauthier’s Career Studies students were honoured to speak with Canadian renowned journalist, Peter Akman, investigative correspondent for CTV’s W5, about his career on Monday, March 4th.

The students generated questions, asking him about how he got started, what he studied at school, and details of his most interesting or challenging assignments. When asked what type of story he liked to cover the best, Peter said “war zones, or any time I get to put on a bullet proof vest”. Peter was great in making connections and stressed the importance of literacy to the students. He also stressed how essential it is for youth to try and learn about every subject matter and to stay connected with the news in order to become responsible Global citizens.

O’Gorman High School’s connection with Peter comes from his wife, a former alumni of O’Gorman High School, Shannon Collins. Peter also began his career here in Timmins as a CTV news reporter.

We are very thankful that Peter was able to make time to drop in and chat with the class. It really helped our students to start thinking about their future career goals.

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