March 11, 2019


Northern College’s first year Early Childhood Education (ECE) students put their practical skills to the test during a two-day presentation fair in the Northern College Atrium.


As part of a Creative Teaching Strategies Class, a select group of students were tasked with developing packages on the importance of healthy nutrition for children, others were challenged to create their own learning centers for early education. Both groups then set up for presentations on March fourth and fifth to showcase their results. Many ECE students took their projects a step further by creating samples of the food they intend on teaching kids to make.


“I feel this really helps our students draw the connection between what’s being done in class and what they’ll be doing in the real world,” said Cynthia Gubbles, professor of Creative Teaching Strategies. “Students can use aspects of their own life experience and culture to teach kids essential skills like communications, math, and science. It just makes learning more fun”.


Students were quick to understand the practical significance behind these presentations.


“We were able to apply what learned about using food as a teaching method and actually carry it out in this activity,” said Brittany MacQuarrie, a first year ECE student.


The project gave insight the difficulties an ECE worker may face when working with kids who can occasionally be non-compliant.


“Sometimes the kids don’t want to eat healthy food, so we decorate it and make it fun for them,” noted first year student Ramanpreet Kaur.


Northern College continues to challenge students to strive for excellence by offering hands on practical experience that puts focus on both skill and theory. By offering students projects that involve them in social and community development, students are better prepared to compete in a diverse and competitive workforce.