MARCH 12th, 2019

With the significant amount of rain expected over the next few days, the City of Timmins wishes to advise the public of the potential for a significant snow melt and sloppy roads, and what Public Works will be doing to best control the situation.

“We want the public to be aware and prepared for messy roads, and as always, are advising them to drive with caution,” said Manager of Public Works Ken Krcel. “Our crews will be out there prioritizing the calls and doing the best they can to ensure roads are passable, but we are asking everyone to please be patient as we do the best we can to deal with this system.”

With the large amounts of snow received this winter and existing struggles keeping up with snow removal, the city is not prepared for this type of weather, which will potentially cause ponding, isolated flooding and impassable roads.  “We just could not get enough snow removed before this weather system showed up this spring, and the majority of the catch basins in town are still buried under the snow,” explained Krcel. “The country areas are buried in snow as well with some banks so large we can’t push them with graders anymore. So water may be trapped on the road as the ditches are all full of snow.”  That being said, crews will continue moving snow to expose catch basins and remove the melting snow from the streets. They will also have backhoes and loaders out opening catch basins where possible.

Again, we are asking residents to be patient as we work through this weather system. Anyone with serious concerns should contact Service Timmins at 705-264-1331 or For after-hours emergencies, call 705-264-1201.