The City of Timmins has released a remuneration report ahead of the March 19 City Council Meeting and it reveals the salaries and expenses of council members for 2018.

The report reveals that the City of Timmins paid out more than $300,000 in salaries and expenses for council last year. Council members received $244,324.40 in remuneration and $62,361.84 in expenses, totaling $306,686.24 that was paid out. This is lower than the 2017 pay-out of $311,441.02.

The highest pay-out went to former Mayor Steve Black who had $72,510.20 in remuneration and $19,651.77 in expenses, totaling $92,161.97.

The salary for re-elected councilors was $21,089.50 and those who didn’t win a seat in the 2018 Municipal election took home $20,210.60.

New City Councilors earned $878.90 last year, and Mayor George Pirie’s remuneration was $3,098.20. Pirie had $40.70 in expenses for a total of $3,138.90.

The remuneration report also breaks down salary and expenses for boards and committee’s such as Porcupine Health Unit, Mattagami Region Conservation Authority and District of Cochrane Social Services Administration Board.

The full report can be found here. 

City Council meets on March 19th at 6 PM at City Hall.



–With files from Timmins Today

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