The KISS Minutes Matter Radiothon is this Friday, March 22nd, and the TADH staff are ready for the much needed funds for their emergency department.

Our KiSS 99.3 station will be broadcasting live all day on Friday from 6 AM to 6 PM, raising funds for the TADH Emergency Room.

The hospital is working their way towards renovating a new emergency department. But Jason Laneville, Acting Exec. Director for TADH, says the department needs a lot of work in the meantime.

“Our equipment is outdated,” Laneville said, “we need some new mobile equipment carts that would allow procedures to be done bedside, freeing up some space and alleviating some of the wait times. Our charting software needs to be upgraded. So there’s definitely a need in the emergency room department.”

All of the proceeds raised during the radiothon on Friday will be going towards funding for the potential renovation and upgrading equipment. Some of the issues stemming from outdated equipment and infrastructure in the hospital include:

  • Admitted patients remain in the Emergency Department due to limited beds, resulting in increased wait times, crowding and stress.
  • Significant renovations are required to create better efficiency, more storage, more private rooms and dedicated holding areas.
  • Equipment is outdated or missing.  Mobile equipment carts would allow procedures to be done bed-side, freeing up space and alleviating wait times. Medical equipment such as defibrillators, intubation equipment and ventilators all need to be upgraded.
  • Charting software needs to be upgraded to better assist doctors, nurses and other members of the health care team, in documenting each medical case.

During the 12 hour radiothon, listeners will hear stories from TADH physicians, nurses and some VIP guests throughout the day.

The fundraising team will be set up in the main foyer of the hospital this Friday, just outside the foundation office. Those wanting to donate in person can do so and there will be a 20 minute grace period for parking. You can also donate by calling 705-264-KISS (5477). You can also donate online at 

100 per cent of the proceeds go to our local E.R. department, so please come out this Friday in person, over the phone or online to make a donation for the KiSS Minutes Matter Radiothon.


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