Today is a day known as “World Autism Awareness Day” It’s a day where we remember to acknowledge that people with autism are people too. Well today, the Walford retirement home came together, to send out that message… To be the voice of those who may not be able to use it.

“It’s a very special and close to the heart day for many of us. Some of their great grand children have autism, as well as my boyfriends daughter.” -Said administrator and Director of Nursing Casey Hills.

When asked, why the group felt it was important to get the message out; the purpose was crystal clear…

“It’s important to get the word out and to get the support, especially with the cut backs in the autism programs, we have to stick together, and fight their fight.”

It is indeed important to have a voice, and to raise awareness, and Hills hopes, that this group was able to do just that on World Autism Awareness Day.

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