During question period Wednesday, NDP MPP Guy Bourgouin, called on Doug Ford to restore Ontario’s Northlander train service — a critical service Ford has completely ignored. 

“People throughout northeastern Ontario keep on wondering why this government simply doesn’t care about their well-being,” said Bourgouin, MPP for Mushkegowuk-James Bay. “There is a stark divide between the north and the south of our beautiful province and this government does not seem to care.

“We need to bring northern Ontario up to par with the south for basic things like inter-city transportation. The Northlander, the train that used to connect Cochrane to Toronto, could do exactly that. This train line is a reliable, safe, accessible and environmentally conscious way of travel that could help unlock the prosperity of northeastern Ontario.

Bourgouin put the question directly to the Ford government on Wednesday.

“When will the government do right by northern Ontario and restore the Northlander?”

Bourgouin said it was the Liberals who let northern Ontario down first by shutting down the Northlander in 2012, and now the Ford Conservatives are on track to do the same.

“It seems as if both Liberals and Conservatives have been trying to erase over 100 years of train history in our beloved region,” said Bourgouin.

“Our people deserve so much better. And our people and our region will do better if the Northlander is restored.

“Does this government intend to give up on seniors, students, medical patients, immigrants and families that could benefit from the restoration of passenger routes in northern Ontario?”


The Ford government failed to commit to restoring the passenger train line.

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