If you were thinking of spending your Saturday by enjoying a few cold ones, well you picked the perfect day! This Saturday April 6th from 1-8pm if you head on over to the Second Annual Beer Fest you can enjoy a variety of beer, according to Director of Operations from TFEC Lise Groulx.

“There are ten breweries that are coming, We have the two from Timmins: Full Beard and Compass Brewing,then we have: Sleeping Giant, New Ontario, Lake of the Woods, Gateway from North Bay is a new one, as well as Split Rail.”

Clearly there’s a lot of options; and if you’re a beer lover, going to the festival is like ” Heaven on Earth”. There will also be food available at this years fest.

“We have a new food vendor, from Manitoulin Pizza, they’re coming in so were going to have that as a food option, and we also have a few bands coming in as well. Were trying to keep it simple because, it worked so well last year we didn’t want to make jurassic changes.” -Said Groulx

There aren’t a lot of reasons for you not to attend; at the same time while you’re at the Beer Fest, and trying all of these different kinds of beers, you’re also helping TFEC raise money towards this years Rock on the River. Last year TFEC was able to bring in headliners like Walk Off The Earth, Billy Talent, and more. The goal is for history to repeat itself, and bring in new headliners of their caliber once again this summer.

So, the second annual Beer Fest… there’s going to be beer and lots of it. There’s going to be food (Pizza)… Yum! There’s going to be live entertainment, and it’s on a Saturday… Bonus! Do you want to attend?

“We sell tickets at timminsfestivals.com the cost is 35$ plus fees, and you can also buy them at the door for 40$. This covers your entry and it also gets you 2 beer sample tickets, and a mug to hold your beer in for the night.” -Lise Groulx

So, the second annual Beer Fest… Are you in?



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