Timmins MPP Gilles Bisson will be holding a town hall this weekend at the St-Dominique Parish Hall from 1-3pm. The town hall will discuss Ontario’s Autism Program and, other cuts the Ford Government could/will be implementing.

“This is really a form for parents to come forward, and talk about what their experiences are in this new system. We’ve gone in Timmins from having 10 Autism therapists down to 1. So, if you’re a parent who’s child was getting IBI or ABA  therapy, the world has much changed after the first of April. So, we want to hear first hand from parents what is their new reality! We are also going to be inviting agencies there; who deal with these particular issues, so they can be there and listen as well, so we can take their stories, bring them back to Queen’s Park, and try to put some pressure on the government to do what’s right by parents.” -MPP Gilles Bisson

The Ford government has released its first provincial budget, but it still remains unclear on how the cuts will affect the programs here in Timmins.

” A billion dollars in cuts to social services; that money’s got to come from somewhere. When the government says “were prepared to invest three hundred million dollars in autism services.” they’re going to have to take the money from somewhere else. So, it’s either from the child with special needs, it’s somebody on ODSB (Ontario District School Board) It’s somebody else that’s going to have to pay.” -Said Bisson,

Bisson went on to add that anyone is welcome to attend the town hall this weekend, and the goal is for voices to be heard.

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