The Timmins Police Service-Traffic Section is in receipt of a number of complaints from the public in regards to excessive speed by eastbound motorists on sections of highway entering South Porcupine on Hwy 101.
One such complaint refers to a speed limit sign that may have been damaged or removed over the winter months. The Timmins Police Service wish to remind motorists that speeding is a “strict liability” offence and the onus of knowing and complying with the speed limit lies on the shoulders of the individual driver.
Speed enforcement initiatives at various locations in this vicinity will be undertaken by the Timmins Police Service – Traffic Section. Speeding is a dramatic and obvious form of aggressive driving and these behaviors need to be addressed.
Depending on the speed in excess of the posted limit, offences typically entail monetary fines, demerit points and where warranted, court appearances. Depending on the location of any speeding offence, a driver may be found to be committing within a designated Community Safety Zone which merits enhanced penalties.
Campaigns of this nature will continue in keeping with the Timmins Police Service – Traffic Management Plan.
The Timmins Police Service would rather educate than prosecute but given the seriousness of the issue, a strict enforcement response can be expected by those found to be in violation of the speed limit in these areas.

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