Timmins Chamber of Commerce members were at the Timmins Food Bank on an early Tuesday morning for their drive thru donation campaign. The Chamber had made a 10,000$ donation to the Timmins food bank so they could purchase a new fridge and freezer. Well after that purchase was made, and the freezers finally in the food banks possession… they needed to fill it up with food.

“Right now with the new fridges, they’re (Timmins Food Bank) able to offer fresh produce to their clientele, so we are trying to raise awareness that the Timmins Food Bank now accepts fresh produce.” -Said Timmins Chamber President Nancy Mageau.

With Easter right around the corner; there’s going to be a lot of food consumed throughout Easter weekend. Unfortunately not everyone is able to enjoy those delicious meals, or a meal on a daily basis.

“We thought this was the right time to do it; of course with Easter coming up there is an additional need when families get together, but it’s also a need throughout the year.” -Nancy Mageau.

Even if you weren’t able to drop off any items during the Drive Thru event, the Food Bank is always ready to welcome food donations, so they can be able to fill up someone’s empty stomach.

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