Crime prevention is an important part of what members of the Kirkland Lake Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) Detachment do. With the warmer weather, foot traffic in the community is increasing and police are trying to raise awareness, especially after all the theft reports in previous years where vehicles and properties weren’t locked at the time of the theft.  

Remember: Don’t be an easy victim.  

Don’t fall victim to a crime of opportunity, bring in your valuables, lock your car doors and lock your house and out buildings.  

Use the KOPCAR procedure:  

  •  Keys – Make sure doors, windows, cars and outbuildings are locked at night,
  • Outside lights – Make sure outside lights are on, but only illuminate places around the outside of the house that are easily seen,
  • Property – Take personal property such as keys, wallets, cell phones, GPS out of your vehicle, or at the very least put them out of sight. Don’t leave property in the front yard.
  • Close curtains – Close blinds and curtains after dusk so potential thieves cannot see into the home,
  • Alarm – If the residence has an alarm, set it, and
  • Rest easy – Relax and sleep easy, knowing that the home is safe and secure.


The public can learn more about preventing thefts on the OPP website at www.opp.ca.  

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