* Generally, snow depth and water content conditions for this time of the year are above normal.  Water content variances are ~152% to ~212% above normal through the entire Upper Mattagami Watershed.


* A general freeze-thaw cycle is expected except Thursday night when temperatures stay slightly above freezing. Rain is possible Thursday into Friday, with a number of weather sites calling for 10mm-15mm over a two day period.  Daytime temperatures are expected to range from +3oC to +13oC over the next 5 to 7 days.


* Winter drawdown of Mesomikenda, Mattagami Lake, Wawaitin and Peter Long are complete. The dams are currently set up to hold elevation near the bottom of the operating range until refilling begins later in April.  As a result of sustained cool weather, inflows are lower than normal for this time of year but have recently begun to show signs of increase at some locations. 


*   Sections of Town Creek between Waterloo Road and Rea Street North continue to be a concern.  This area is being monitored by Authority and Municipal staff.  The enclosed portion of Crawford Creek in South Porcupine is also being closely watched by Authority and Municipal staff.

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