The Timmins Police Service Traffic Section is issuing a public advisory regarding frequent incidents of distracted driving on Riverside Drive in Timmins.
A high number of traffic complaints are being received due to motorists in this area taking note of the water levels of the Mattagami River rather than focusing on the task of driving in an alert and attentive manner.

Collisions at various intersections along Riverside Drive can be directly attributed to driver inattention due to drivers opting to check on water levels of the adjacent river system as opposed to driving while focused on traffic in and around them.

A number of near miss incidents are also occurring at a rate of frequency that is contrary to the best interests of motorists and pedestrians in these areas.
Motorists are asked to refrain from allowing their attention to drift from the road and pay the required amount of attention required to reach your destination safely.
Those motorists found to be at fault or driving in an unsafe and distracted manner can rightfully expect a firm but fair response at the roadside.

This unusual and preventable set of circumstances is occurring in other areas within the city as well where roadways allow for a full view of rising waters in affected areas.
Simply stated, an attentive driver is a safe driver. Motorists must do their part and exercise the proper discipline behind the wheel.

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