The Timmins Police Service – Traffic Section has taken note of the fact that Timmins drivers do not appear on the “Worst Driver’s List” nor do they appear on the “Best Driver’s List” in a study compiled by an independent insurance industry organization.
There is definitely something to be said for not making the “worst” list and something for local driver’s to aspire to in terms of making the “best list.

The study prepared by Insurancehotline.com outlines how one community’s drivers can make their way onto either list. Timmins drivers fall somewhere in between.

The Timmins Police Service – Traffic Section officers continue to see Timmins motorists in violation of one of what is commonly referred to in policing as “the big four”, in terms of aggressive driving habits, distracted driving, impaired driving and the failure to wear a seat belt.

Timmins Police Traffic Sergeant Tom Chypyha adds “When these driving behaviors are observed by our officers, swift corrective action by the Timmins Police is undertaken. Our obligation to enhance roadway safety in Timmins remains a high priority. Our officers will continue to diligently patrol traffic arteries in Timmins to ensure compliance and sobriety. We will continue to do everything we can on a daily basis; a strong element of personal responsibility lies on the shoulders of the individual driver to take their obligations as a lawful driver seriously at tall times.”

Attached, please find a list of the “top 10” communities in Ontario and at explanation of how these communities made the list in terms of best and worst.

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