When your child gets between the age of 4-6, that’s when they require mandatory vaccinations in order to attend school. If your child is not up to date with vaccinations the Health Unit has the capability to tell the school to suspend your child until they receive the required shot(s).

” We never want to suspend a child from school, We will usually make a few phone calls, send out a few letters. We really want to try and work with the parents to try and get their child immunized so they don’t have to miss school.”

-Megan Touchette Public Health Nurse from the Porcupine Health Unit

For the full list of vaccines that your child will receive until they reach the age of 18 here is Megan listing them off.

Vaccine types and requirements:

These vaccines don’t come without notice; the school does receive letters from the Health Unit for them to hand out to give parents a heads up that their child will be receiving a vaccine in the upcoming week(s). There is a way to make sure that your child’s immunization record stays up to date, and that is by having it signed by the nurse who is vaccinating your child.

The school year is right around the corner, and the Health Unit will be conducting mandatory vaccinations once again this year. So, it’s time for some back to school shopping, and while you’re at it… why not double check the Immunization records to make sure your child is all set for another school year?

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