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Owen is a 5 year old boy, who on the outside looks like a normal kid with a happy and energetic disposition. However, Owen has gone through more than most people will go through in their lifetime.


Still in the womb, Owen was diagnosed with a life threatening heart defect called Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome, with intact atrial Septum. His condition caused his left ventricle to form underdeveloped and caused many other congenital issues with his heart that would require a series of surgeries to help him stay alive. Due to his intact atrial septum, only affecting 1% of HLHS children his risk for mortality became unavoidable and required surgery inside the womb.  He underwent his first heart surgery  at just 25 weeks gestation to open the atrial septum with a balloon, making him the youngest and the 2nd child in sick kids history to successfully survive with this surgery.


Within the first 24 hours after birth, he was rushed into an emergency stomach surgery, as Doctors found in a none routine scan, that there was no blood supply going to his gut, due to a twist in his bowels, with this surgery a blockage was also removed at the same time from his intestines. Less than a week later Owen was back in surgery for his first of three open hearts. The Norwood BT shunt is the surgery at birth, followed by the Glenn BI- directional at 6 months and the Fontan anywhere from 2-4 years of age. During his lengthy stay at Sick Kids, he also went through two more stomach surgeries and recently an unexpected brain surgery to remove an infected mass on the left side of his head.


Owen is now  heading in for his third open heart; the fontan. The goal for this surgery is  to make a new connection to optimise blood flow going to his extremities. The goal is to rebuild parts of the heart and redirect the way the blood flows, increasing his oxygen saturation’s to a higher and more normal range.


There are many risks to this surgery, one of which that affects the liver over time due to the increase in blood flow. There is also a risk for a heart transplant and more surgeries down the road. Unfortunately, there is no cure for Owens heart disease, yet.


We look at every day as a gift, as we have been told many times that he should not  be here or doing this well. He went from a none viable pregnancy to being 5 years old! He truly is a miracle and a warrior. We believe God has great things for Owen and know he was made to share his story to the world; impacting hearts from all over. His fight and drive for life is what keeps him going along with the love and support felt from complete strangers that have been touched by his story and infectious smile.


It wouldn’t be possible to pay for bills, travel and the expenses that quickly add up, without the financial support that many have blessed us with. The generous hearts of those who have never even met us, family and friends, has truly been an answer to prayer and a gift to us. Knowing that if my husband (Cory) needed to hop on a plane right away, that he could do that and not have to worry about where to get the financial aspect from.


We will never be able to repay those who have helped us and continue to help us through this difficult journey with Owen, my hope is that in all of this Owen’s story will help someone in their own journey with their child and bring them hope. If his story can  change one heart and encourage someone along the way, then its worth it.


So again, thank you, for everyone who has been praying and helping us along the way. Your love and support will carry us through this next battle and knowing you are all standing behind Owen and my family, makes us stronger!  “A hero is someone who is willing to help others in his or her best capacity”


Thank you to all the Heroes that have been the blessings to our hearts and needs,




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