Owen Fodchuk is a fighter!  At just 5 years old, Owen has undergone two open-heart surgeries, three stomach surgeries, emergency brain surgery, and on Monday, September 9th, he will head into his third open-heart surgery in Toronto.


Owen has Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome with intact atrial septum (HLHS). At just 25-weeks gestation, Owen went through his first surgery in the womb to open his atrial septum with a balloon, making him the youngest and only the 2nd child in Sick Kids history to successfully survive. Unfortunately, there is no cure for Owen’s heart disease. Surgery can affect his liver and may cause serious health issues down the road. In time, Owen’s heart will fail and will require a transplant. He may also need a liver transplant and will require many hospital follow-ups for the rest of his life. It would not be possible for Owen’s family to pay for bills, travel and expenses not covered by travel grants without support and donations from friends, family, and community.


But together, we can help!  On Monday, September 9th, we are dedicating our morning show to Owen! Owen’s Morning Show on 92.1 ROCK, hosted by Ryan Daly.  Tune in from 6 to 10 and let’s ROCK for Owen!


Here’s how you can help:

• Artist for Owen – make a donation and request what ROCK artist you would like played during Owen’s Morning Show. Who do you want to hear? Dedicated to Owen (please pick something we can play on 92.1 ROCK).

• Owen’s Angels – make a donation of $100 or more and we’ll announce your name or business along with your personal message for Owen on the air.

Are you a local business? The first business who donates $1,000 or more to the Strong Owen Fund will get a FREE Live-on-Location from their business hosted by Ryan Daly. First business only.  SOLD OUT – thank you the generous donation of one local business!

There are two ways to donate.  ONLINE via the GoFundMe link provided or with cash at the 92.1 ROCK Studios at 260 Second Ave. in Timmins.  Please note that the GoFundMe link provided is administered by Owen’s Family and donations must follow the website’s guidelines.


Every donation will be entered to win fun prizes all morning during Owen’s Morning Show on 92.1 ROCK.


Your donation gives Owen’s Mom and Dad peace of mind. Owen’s Dad, Cory, cannot always be with his son. He stays in Timmins to work while Owen is in Toronto getting the care he needs. Having the ability to get on a plane and be with his son right away … without worrying about the cost of flights and accommodation … that is why we are doing this!  Any donation, no matter how big or small shows this family exactly what “community” means.


Follow The Strong Owen Fund for updates on Owen and his family.