Northern College is pleased to announce that over 80 per cent of its students are more than satisfied with their experience within our campuses.
Once each semester, post-secondary institutions like Northern conduct surveys to assess the quality of education and experience students are receiving to better inform curriculum and academic formatting changes.

“Students are experts on their learning experience, and we need to know what that experience is. As Vice President of Academic and Student Success, reading about how well the student experience is going, means a great deal,” stated Dr. Audrey Penner, Northern Colleges Vice President of Academic and Student Success. “On a more serious note, this is also part of our quality assurance process, and Northern College takes quality in our programs very seriously.”

Students reported a high level of satisfaction across all 31 categories that highlight everything from faculty accessibility to academic motivation amongst students.

The highest level of satisfaction reported amongst students reflected the punctuality and quick response of faculty in returning assignments and maintaining a consistent learning environment.

“What students learn is one thing, how they learn it, is quite another, we create rich learning environments to foster increased opportunities for learning,” stated Penner. “We are investing in faculty to help them enrich their learning environments. We recently held a Universal Design for Learning all day faculty PD for just those reasons.”

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